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Christmas gift

Christmas gifts: 11 great ideas for a baby under 6 months

When you are a young parent, your baby's first Christmas is probably one of the most magical! We want everything to be literally perfect. We want to remember the smallest details, the smallest laugh, the smallest smell of cookies coming out of the oven, the first ball he will put in the tree, etc. In short! In short, we want to mark the occasion. But after the shower, the gifts and the decorated room, you may run out of ideas. Don't worry, at Jourès Canada, we always have good ideas to help you find THE best Christmas gift for your little one. Here are our top 11 Christmas gifts for a baby under 6 months that will always please and grow with him

The baby play mat

You probably know this, but children grow and develop through play. Playing for them is something really serious. So why not create the perfect play area for them with this beautiful, soft mat to awaken baby's senses. The best part is that this mat will grow with your little one.


Little Bot baby Ofie Play Mat

Baby Ofie Play Mat Zen Line - Little Bot 

Toys for sensory development

In this category, we have two favorites that are particularly interesting since baby cannot see colors at birth:

  1. The plush sensory sheet: your baby will love to manipulate it, taste it, throw it, in short explore it everywhere. It will also help stimulate his motor skills.
  2. Jungle animals sensory cards: these drawings will help your little one to develop his visual perception in the company of 6 new friends.

The wooden ark of awakening

Lying on his back, baby starts by contemplating his little toys hanging from his arch and around 3 months he will try to catch them, an ideal gift if baby is still small since it is used from the first months! In addition there are several models of animals to hang.


Ernie Play Gym and accessories - Liewood

Ernie Play Gym and accessories - Liewood

The first doll

In the soft toys family, the doll is a perfect first toy to offer from birth! Very soft, your little one will be able to cuddle it and take it everywhere with him. Moreover, as they grow up, children LOVE imitation games. The Iris doll by Liewood will be his perfect friend for all his stories.


Iris Doll

Iris Doll - Liewood

The linen cap

In the category of beautiful and useful gifts, we choose the cap. A classic that will serve you all summer long. But not just any cap since this 5-panel cap is fully lined with a soft fabric and is therefore reversible.


Caribou linen cap

Linen Cap - Caribou

The teether toy

If you don't have one yet, now is the time! The radish teething toy is ideal for soothing baby's little quenches as they start to grow. It's super easy to handle and adorably crunchy.

The straddle cushion

Elephant or lion... From his first birthday, baby can climb on one of our adorable jungle animals for fantastic rides! Also other cushions just as cute are available.


Erik Elephant

Erik Elephant - Ride on Beanbag - OYOY Living

The little wooden cars

Girl or boy, all babies love to roll and fetch a little car! Plus it gives them a little exercise! If you're with him enough to play, they also introduce him to interactions. And if your child loves these little cars, know that we have a whole range of wooden toys!


Wooden white car

Wooden white car - Caribou

The puzzle

Your baby is 6 months old? You should know that by 10 months, he'll start to grab things and even be able to stack and nest. A shape set is also a good gift idea to encourage his fine motor skills.

Kids Wooden Midas Puzzle

Kids Wooden Midas Puzzle - Liewood

The stacking tower

A classic skill game, the stacking tower never goes out of fashion and allows children as young as 6 months to discover their dexterity... But also their first feelings of satisfaction (Bravo, you did it!)

The Silicone Stacking Tower - Liewood

The Stacking Tower - Liewood

The poster my first times

Remember every moment with this baby's first time poster and date stamp. Not only will it add a touch of sweetness and poetry to your baby's nursery decor, but it will also help you remember all your unique and magical moments.

 Poster Mes premières fois

Poster Mes premières fois - Les petites Dates


Which gift will you put under the tree? We wish you a wonderful first Christmas with your family.

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