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Sleep of the child: and if meditating with Morpheus was the solution of serene nights?

Sleep of the child: and if meditating with Morpheus was the solution of serene nights?

Ahhh toddler sleep! You may be experiencing one of these delicate situations right now: refusal to go to bed, the crisis to sleep in your bed or the difficulties to fall asleep. The sleep of the little ones is a "sensitive" subject in parenthood. There are hundreds of articles, books and even sleep coaches to help your little one finally fall into the arms of Morpheus. Faced with this mountain of information available, we can sometimes feel lost and discouraged. Have you thought about meditation to soothe your child and make bedtime a pleasant moment? This is what we propose to discover in this article with, first, a quick review of sleep and its impact on children's health, and then, some possible solutions.

My little morphee - my meditation box

My little Morphee - Children meditation box 

Sleep deprivation and the impact on the brain of children

Sleep is an essential pillar of health, and for children it is probably as essential as food. Why? While sleeping:

  • your little one assimilates what he has learned during the day (which favors the development of his memory);
  • it regenerates its cells, its neurons and helps its brain to get rid of the toxins of the day;
  • it increases his immune system;
  • it decreases the risk of developing anxiety disorders;
  • and much more.

There is a lot of research on the impact of sleep deprivation in children. They report symptoms such as hyperactivity, bad moods, impulsiveness and limited ability to concentrate. Sleep deprivation is also believed to affect health, emotions and academic success. You might say: ok it's great to know all this, but how do I actually get my child to sleep better?

Recognizing the most common signs of fatigue in my child

The first thing to do is to observe and listen to your child. This will allow you to identify their sleep windows and therefore the right time for bedtime. Keep in mind that each child is different, and that as parents you are the ones who know them best. However, here are a few signs that may alert you to the problem:

  • Physical signs: yawning, drowsiness, rubbing eyes or ears, stinging eyes, redness, etc.
  • Behavioral signs: suddenly everything he does is leeent, or conversely, he is overexcited, he starts to cry easily, he has tantrums, etc.

My little morphee - Children mediation box

My little Morphee - Children meditation box

Accompanying your child to sleep

Remember that your child is born completely immature and will have to learn EVERYTHING (yes, we dare to use capital letters here), including sleep. Even if sleeping may seem "natural", it is not in fact. It takes time, patience, kindness to him and to yourself as well. Having a simple, similar routine every night has been shown to help your child fall asleep and stay asleep. Here are some examples of routines to pick from depending on what speaks to you and your family:

  • Take a bath in a warm, subdued atmosphere (e.g. after dinner and before bedtime);
  • Reading a book or telling a story;
  • dimming the lights;
  • Give each other lots of hugs;
  • Putting your little one's soft toys to bed;
  • Repeating the same reassuring phrase every night to signal that it's time to go to sleep ("I'm here and I'm protecting you", "You're safe in your room and you can sleep well now", etc.)
  • Practice a meditation or listen to relaxing sounds with Le Petit Morphée

Falling asleep with Le Petit Morphée

We won't hide the fact that the Jourès moms (almost) all have a real crush on the Little Morpheus box. It includes no less than 192 meditations for children, developed by relaxation professionals.

Among these meditations are:

  • 128 meditative journeys to develop your child's internal resources (curiosity, autonomy, self-confidence, boldness...);
  • 32 meditations to relax and tame your emotions;
  • For more relaxation, the box also offers 16 sounds of nature and 16 soft musics.

Also, the Morphée has 2 keys: the left key allows you to choose the animal with which your child wants to travel (can you put examples?), the right key allows you to select the universe in which he wants to travel (ditto, if you have examples, it will allow the future customer to project himself. What are the universes? The beach? The mountains? etc.). It is very easy to use by the children, which allows them to be quickly autonomous with it.

Other tips for use

We know that a day with a child looks like this: It is normal, children have "active" periods and after these phases of activity, their brain needs to return to calm, to settle down, and this even in the middle of the day. Nothing better, then, than to take out Le Petit Morphée to help them do so! Why don't you all take refuge on the bed and listen to a meditation? Word of mouth: it has saved us a lot of screams and crises!

My little Morphee - Children Meditation box

My Little Morphee - Children Meditation box

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