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Jeux classiques et jouets rétros

Welcome to, your destination for a wide variety of retro toys and accessories for babies and kids! Our collection offers a unique look into the past, with classic designs that are sure to captivate your little ones’ imaginations. From telephones, bingo machines and kaleidoscope toy cameras to wooden retro dolls beds and mobiles, we have everything you need to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your children.

Our curated selection of retro toys are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability. We carry beloved brands like Kiko, Konges, OYOY Living Design, and Vilac – all names that guarantee quality construction that will last for years of enjoyment. Whether you’re looking for something special to give as a gift or just want to add a touch of nostalgia to your own home decor, our selection is sure to meet all your needs.

When it comes to making memories that will last a lifetime, our adorable collection of vintage toys is guaranteed to spark excitement in even the most discerning kids! From classic board games like “Chess & Checkers” to Hockey wooden table – there’s something special here for everyone. Little ones can explore their creativity by building block towers or creating playful scenes with action figures and dollhouses.

At we strive to provide both an engaging shopping experience as well as products that meet the highest standards in craftsmanship and design. Our team carefully select each item in our inventory so parents can feel confident knowing they are purchasing quality items.

Whether you're looking for one special item or an entire set of retro toys – Joures has it all! Browse through our delightful collection today – we know you'll find something perfect!

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