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Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau

For over 120 years, French fashion house Petit Bateau has created high-quality, stylish clothing and undergarments for the whole family! Petit Bateau is the most iconic French baby and kids' clothing & underwear. Renowned for using the finest cotton, this chic brand offers timeless wardrobe staples, including everything from the iconic classic Breton stripes to underwear, pyjamas and essentials for babies and kids.

Petit Bateau is a classic brand that lives through time with style. Petit Bateau's clothes are very durable with the shape and fabric of the clothes that don't move even if washed in warm water and dried in the machine—making it realistic to see it as a quality investment and giving the clothes from one child to the other.

On top of being durable, Petit Bateau collections are highly desirable. The designs are always cute and fun, from the classic Breton stripes to the big hearts and all the timeless and iconic prints. The fabrics used are top quality as Petit Bateau makes them in their own factories in France and Marrocco. 

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